Spice up your Superbowl TV Tour of California Feb. 4-6

I have to admit.  I enjoy the live television appearances.  They are fun and unpredictable.  The backstage is always busy with stars, production staff, and on-air people running around.  The first time I appeared on KTLA, there was a big breaking news story (a shooting in a synagogue) that took control of the show with live reports from the scene.  I was up and down all morning getting ready for a teaser for the segment.  The LA mayor made a late press conference that caused my segment to be bumped.  I thought Robb was going to die.  Poor guy, he collectively takes on all our stress.  We had a plane to catch at 1 so we filmed a segment as if I were in the studio the following day.   After such a crazy morning, it is hard to snap to attention after 4 hours but within the first few seconds I caught my second wind.  Live TV is fun.
KTLA asked me to come back to do a segment on the Posadas which we did in December.  This time I knew what to expect and came prepared.  The environment in the studio is hectic but informal at the same time.  As I was setting up my display, a guy with sunglasses and a leather jacket asked me what I was doing.  I have to admit in that moment I had no idea who he was but we exchanged pleasantries and I proceeded answer his questions about the Posadas and La Villa Bonita.  I was told later by Robb that this was Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon who was promoting his new Christmas album.  They were backstage warming up with their guitars.  I have to admit, I can be a little clueless about US pop references but my husband serenaded me with his a capella version of “I Can’t Stop This Feelin’ Anymore” and I figured it out.  Just then a swarm of people came in on their way to the studio and in the middle was James Cameron.  Yes, Robb had to tell me who this was as well, but that is what makes him such a good partner, trip planner, executive assistant, sleazy agent, and “chief bottle washer” (American sayings are such fun! Really, bottle washing?) .  James Cameron gave his interview and left with his herd of suited people with clipboards.  Robb tried to pitch him on the idea that the “Ana Garcia” avatar would have been a great addition (this part is not true).  If have to admit, the craziness of this environment is fun.
This time around we are doing a real California tour with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.  Everyone does somewhat Mexican-inspired super bowl dishes so I thought it would be a good idea to offer a segment on authentic Mexican dishes for your Superbowl party.  With a wide array of IMUSA products, I will make a fabulous Guacamole Chinelo with fruit, home made totopos, a black bean, chipotle and chorizo dip, golden taquitos filled with potato and parsley, micheladas with Modelo Especial, and a drunken salsa.  Click for all the Spice up your Superbowl Recipes.
If you are not in one of these cities, you can still watch the show online either with a live feed as is the case with the San Francisco show at 3 PST on there website or you can watch a pre-recorded stream from the same site.  Here is the schedule for the appearances:
  1. February 4th, KTLA’s Morning News at 9. Two Hall-Of-Fame Football Players are supposed to help me here during the segment.  Robb will once again have to give me context as to who they are and I am not even sure that will help.  It has not been confirmed yet if they will be donning those “stretchy pants” that football players like so much.
  2. February 5th, ABC7 The View from the Bay in San Francisco (3:00 pm PST).  This show is going to be a lot of fun because it has a live audience.  The show is hosted by Spencer Christian of “Good Morning America” fame and Janelle Wang.  Thanks to Betsy Cordes for the introduction here!  Wish I could stay longer in San Francisco because I love the food scene there but we are off to San Diego right after the show.  By the way, if you want to be a part of the live audience you can do so by calling (415)-954-7733.
  3. February 6th, KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego (9:00 am PST).  Sorry Chargers fans.  We were hoping that they would have advanced farther.  Better luck next year.  I will still try to give you a tasty super bowl party with these dishes.
So, I hope you watch the segments or better yet if you can be in the audience for the View from the Bay that would be great.  You can heckle me . . . Okay.  No, don’t heckle me.
Peace, Love and Good Food
Ana Garcia
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